217 "Crime Against Hairmanity"
July 01, 2022

My last haircut was early 2020, making this by far the longest I've gone without getting it cut. While it isn't long enough to fashion into a person-sized mannequin, it's the closest it's ever been to being able to do that.

I don't necessarily think I'm surprised by the tribulations that come with having long hair--such as it getting in the way all of the time--but I think I have a greater appreciation for those who suffer them. I think the thing I'm most surprised about is how much hair I end up pulling off of my head during a shower. Where does this stuff come from?

I have said that this summer would be when I finally cut it, but we'll see how that actually ends up going. It's funny how easy it is to keep not doing things once you've started to not do them--not that I would know anything about that!