135 "A Persuasive Argument"
January 13, 2012

I wish more of this conversation was made up. Unfortunately for me, the dialogue here is taken practically verbatim from a conversation I had with one of my roommates just a few days ago.

My roommates were pretty into League of Legends a few months ago, and when the change to sign up for DOTA 2 beta keys came around, they hopped on it pretty fast. Eventually, through Valve's key distribution and guest invites, a few of them got into the beta--myself included.

I used to play a little League with them here and there, but not nearly enough to get that good at it. Because of the type of game it is and how competitive the community is, the game has a considerably steep learning curve and it's pretty merciless about it. It's a game that requires you be good at it in order to have fun, but in order to get good at it, you have to play a lot of games while you're bad and not really having any fun at all.

However, because my roommates are trying to assemble a team and they've run out of sources for beta keys, they've turned back toward me and have apparently decided that there's no use trying to be nice about it.

They've also gotten into streaming games occasionally, so if you're into DOTA, you should check that out here. While the stream isn't going constantly, they've been on a pretty regular schedule of playing a few games every night.